Santa's Blog


First Post for Santa

Hello Everyone!

Learning to blog has become an exciting challenge for me these days.
In the past (and that is quite a few number of years now!), I've
relied on an able quill and some ink to jot down my thoughts and feelings
as the spirit moved me. Running out of ink certainly isn't the problem it used to be, although I'll still cherish and practice the old ways penmanship.

With the invention of the computer, the world just seems like one
large backyard where everyone can "speak over the digital fence" in a sense. The computer has sure pulled us altogether. Even 30 years ago, we never dreamed of such a device (and my Elves certainly pride themselves on innovating new technologies each and every day).

The Mrs. & I are so pleased to have entrusted and shared our lives, diaries and now Blogs with The Shoemakers. You are in good hands with these people. They are completely devoted to the love, kindness, tolerance and passion that comes with the holiday season. I understand they make special Holiday "Claus Visits" of their own - well good for them I say! The world can never get enough good cheer these days. They are true kindred spirit and friends.

There is so much I want to write about, but I feel it best to keep it short today. I'm helping Mrs. Claus with this blogging business, so keep a look out for her first posting to this site. Do forgive us if you catch a misspelling from time to time - we'll do our best to wordsmith more carefully - sometimes we just get in too big a hurry!

At this moment it's late moring, I'm still in my pajamas and it's time to get cleaned up. I need to thin my beard as these warmer days remind me to "travel light" when it considering my grooming habits. Mrs. Claus actually thinks a shorter beard makes me look "smarter and handsomer." So out with the sissors... "Mama knows best" I always say, although she'll never hear me say that.

With a wink and a nudge and best wishes for your day...